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Class Offerings

What's a typical 1-2-1 private session?

  • A brief chat and overview of what’s been happening in your life since we last spoke. A chance for you to offload and or tell me if you have any specific concerns or areas of focus that you want to flag.

  • Clear the space. Check the space is safe for us both. I will provide basic aromatherapy products like essential oils and other space clearing instruments like Palo Santo, bells or singing books (all contraindications, allergies and preferences would have been previously discussed)

  • Pranayama (Breathing exercises) to warm to body, calm the nervous system and prime the cardio vascular system ready for for movement

  • mobilisation of the body. Using the floor or chair for support whilst we warm the body lubricate the joints and prepare the body and mind specifically for the asana (poses) we will do in the main section of class.

  • Intention setting. We might visit the area of focus we discussed in our chat with an idea of how we can address the issue or improve the situation or simply use this time to body scan or observe how we’re feeling.

  • Main class asanas or flow. The main poses that are challenging and appropriate for your specific needs. These may increase in difficulty over time.

  • Closing sequence

  • Breathing exercises.

  • support the immune system/

  • aid digestion

  • guided meditation

  • Shavasana


was born in Westminster and feels lucky to call Pimlico her home. Cleo is the founder of Cleopatra's Yoga and Wellness and is also a mother, a performing artist, a Cancer surviver and an aspiring writer.

She was married in 2019 and is grateful to have a 2 year old daughter with her partner. Cleo has been practising yoga since she was introduced to a Buddhist practice nearly 10 years ago which involves a daily practice of mantra meditation Nam-myoho-rengue-kyo, Gongyo from the liturgy of Nichiren Daishonin and deep self enquiry.

Cleo's experience as a teacher of movement modalities spans nearly 20 years to children and adults covering a range of dance styles, and she has choreographed for professional productions. Cleo has performed as a professional dancer, singer and actress on the west end and National tours.


Cleo received her Level 3 Diploma in teaching Yoga qualification in 2021 and delivers Yoga as a complete system for mental, physical and spiritual health based on her 300 Hour level 3 Diploma in teaching yoga qualification from the system of Hatha Yoga and the lineage of Swami Sivananda in a programme created by Conrad Paul.

Cleo is proud to be an ambassador for Accessible Yoga Association an international non-profit organisation dedicated to increasing access to the yoga teachings. The director is Jivana Heyman (he/him), C-IAYT, E-RYT500. Since her teacher training qualification Cleo has since had 16 accredited hours added to her CPD in Rocket Vinyasa directed by Darvina Plante and David Kyle, accredited by Ashtanga yoga Puerto rico. Cleo is an anatomy enthusiast and is a current student of anatomy bites by Physical Therapist and a Certified Yoga Therapist Libby Hinsley. She continues to develop her study and understanding of the different schools of yoga and practice which she believes will help her in delivering a top class yoga session that is an intellectually curated, organised and safe experience. Cleo is resolute to the idea that a yoga “teacher” is simultaneously a forever student of the discipline. One day in the not too distant future I will bd a certified Yoga therapist, yoga Nidra and sound therapist. Above all Cleo's approach is rooted in yoga for inner healing and collective liberation in safe places that don't require assimilation.

Cleo has a calling to focus on providing yoga for those who need it most particularly but not exclusive to those who are Cancer and chronic illness patients, those living with Psychosis, Pre and Postnatal mothers and the disadvantaged inner city working class. 

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